One of the goals of Conciliar Post is to offer perspectives and reflections upon a wide variety of topics. Broadly speaking, the topics our authors write on fit into five major categories: Theology & Spirituality; Politics & Current Affairs; Journeys of Faith; Life, Etc.; and Reviews.


Theology & Spirituality

In this category articles may be found covering Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Church History, Church Life & Ministry, Comparative Religion, Evil & Suffering, Personhood, Prayer & Fasting, the Sacraments, Spiritual Gifts, Systematic Theology, and all other reflections upon “faith seeking understanding.”



Politics & Current Affairs

This category consists of articles written about all manner of cultural and current events. Popular issues covered include Business, Christianity & Culture, Cultural Studies, Current Events, Economics, and Politics.


Journeys of Faith

This category encompasses a variety of articles pertaining to the journey that is Christian faith, including articles on Church Experiences, Conversion, Evangelism, Hearing from God, and other aspects of our Journey’s of Faith.


Life, Etc.

Something of a ‘catch all’ label, the reflections in the Life, Etc. category involve a wide range of issues, including Children, Education, Life Experiences, Marriage, Parenting, and Reading. In other words, if we can write about it, you can find it here.



This category is designated for our reviews of books and films (and occasionally films adapted from books). Reviews at Conciliar Post are intended to reflect upon important themes and messages found within the media being reviewed, as well as draw out important questions and implications for our lives.