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Ben is an artist, writer, and filmmadker. Married with three children, he desires to communicate and contribute to the Christian community in a meaningful way–this desire led him to found* and build Conciliar Post. He loves to read works of philosophy and theology and is especially interested in how the early Church Fathers utilized and refashioned the philosophical language of the time in order to incarnate divine truth. Moses makes a living through freelance videography, animation, and design. He enjoys spending time with his family, reading, writing, and composing music.

Christian Background: Benjamin was born as a fourth generation Evangelical / Protestant Christian. The desire to live an active life in Christ led him, through much reading, study, and prayer, to Eastern Orthodox Christianity. In September of 2013, He, along with his wife and son, were received into full communion with the Orthodox Church. You can read about their journey here.


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Managing Editor

Ben Winter

Ben is currently a third year doctoral student in historical theology at Saint Louis University. Before attending SLU, he completed a Master of Arts in Theology, with a Certificate in Advanced Theological Studies and a Concentration in Systematic Theology, at Villanova University. His undergraduate degree comes from Truman State University, where he studied English and Philosophy. His life is enriched daily by his wife Elizabeth and their twin daughters Julian and Lillian. Ben would like to become a professional teacher.

Christian Background: Ben was raised in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). His family attended church and Bible class regularly, which provided him with a solid foundation in liturgy and Scripture. However, in his first years of college he lost interest in Christianity. After an exploratory period, he was exposed to the broader history of the Christian tradition through a medieval philosophy seminar. Beginning with Augustine’s De libero arbitrio and concluding with Bonaventure’s Itinerarium, the course started a three year journey that ended with membership in the Roman Catholic Church. You can read more about these events here. Formative documents for Ben’s journey include John Paul II’s Fides et Ratio and the Documents of the Second Vatican Council.

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Executive Editor

Johanna Byrkett

Jody lives in picturesque Colorado where she enjoys hiking various types of terrain, foggy mornings with steaming mugs of tea, reading classic literature and theological essays, studying words and their origins, and practising the art of hospitality. (She also has the rather annoying habit of spelling things ‘Britishly’.)

Christian Background: Jody grew up listening to her dad read around the dinner table– from Genesis to the Chronicles of Narnia. Her mom opened school mornings with a chapter of Scripture and prayer. Both of these habits have been carried on into her daily life, loving words and the Word Himself. Upon moving to Colorado (2009), however, Jody began stepping back from her evangelical upbringing, shifting toward a deeper liturgical pursuit of knowing God. She was baptised and confirmed in the Anglican church, and now attends St George’s Anglican in Colorado Springs.

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Associate Editor

Jacob Prahlow

Jacob Prahlow

Jake is first and foremost a Christ-Follower. Married in 2012 to Hayley Prahlow, he is currently working on his PhD in Historical Theology at St. Louis University. Jacob received his MA in Religion from Wake Forest University (2014), holds a BA in Theology from Valparaiso University (2012), studied theology and worldviews at Oxford University – Trinity College and the Summit Oxford Study Centre (2011), obtained an AA in Liberal Arts from Southwestern Michigan College (2010), and received a certificate in critical thinking and worldviews from Summit Semester (2009). He loves spending time with his amazing wife, reading, hiking, shooting, and blogging at Pursuing Veritas.

Christian Background: Jacob was born, baptized, and confirmed in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS). During his teenage years his family moved to Michigan, where they began attending a non-denominational Bible church. Following graduation from high school, he sought to expose himself to as many forms of Christian faith as possible, and has spent extensive time engaged in a Church Search. He and Hayley currently attend and serve at The Rock Church of Saint Louis’s South County Campus.

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Senior Editors

John EhrettJohn Ehrett

A native of Dallas, Texas, John graduated from Patrick Henry College in 2014 with a B.A. in Government. He currently lives in New Haven, Connecticut, where he is pursuing a J.D. at Yale Law School. In his spare time, John enjoys going for morning runs, reviewing movies, reading contemporary and classic literature, and bemoaning the demise of longform journalism. He is the author of four novels, the most recent of which debuted within the top 100 “Metaphysical Fiction” titles on

Christian Background: John was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. During college he explored Reformed theology, nondenominational churches, and Roman Catholicism, before returning to his roots by way of Karl Barth, Reinhold Niebuhr, and Soren Kierkegaard. His favorite Christian writers include C.S. Lewis, David Bentley Hart, and Paul Tillich.

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Andrew FisherAndrew Fisher

Andrew earned his Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Calvin College. He married his wife, Lynnae Fisher, in 2013 and lives in Michigan. Andrew is the Editorial Director (Head Copy Editor) of Conciliar Post. He enjoys reading, photography, video games, rock climbing, and blacksmithing.

Christian Background: Andrew was raised in a non-denominational Bible church but while growing up was intrigued by high-church liturgy. While attending Calvin College, a Christian Reformed Church institution, he began exploring the Orthodox and Episcopal traditions of Christianity and continues to explore them with his wife.

Jeff-ReidJeff Reid

Jeff is fascinated by stories. In particular, he is enthralled with the authors’ ability to capture concepts and bring those concepts to life. Driving this delight is his interest in theology and philosophy. Ultimately, he is excited by opportunities to help others understand abstract ideas through skilled artistic work.

Christian Background: Jeff grew up primarily in non-denominational churches. During his teen years, between listening to recorded sermons and conversations with friends, he developed a Reformed/Calvinistic theological leaning. Currently, he would identify as a Reformed Baptist. However, this is combined with the understanding that other traditions could have beneficial insights that he has not yet encountered.

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Wesley Walker

Wesley is from Raleigh, North Carolina. He went to Liberty University for his undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies where he was also on the debate team. He currently resides in Lynchburg, Virginia and is a seminarian and Graduate Student Assistant at the Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty. He enjoys the Old Testament, particularly prophetic literature. He is also a classical educator with Classical Conversations. He lives with his wife Caroline and their two dogs. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing, and tea.

Christian Background: Wesley was raised in non-denominational and Baptist churches. He began feeling called to ministry in some capacity near the end of high school. During his time as an undergraduate, he began exploring the Early Church and as a result, he and his wife have been drawn towards the Anglo-Catholic tradition. They were confirmed in the Anglican Church in North America in 2014 and he was ordained to the Diaconate in 2016.

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