What is Conciliar Post?

Conciliar Post exists as a collection of theological conversations, journeys of faith, reflections on Christianity, and commentary on current events from a Christian perspective. Conciliar Post promotes edifying dialogue that informs, encourages, and challenges people around the world. The authors hail from a variety of Christian traditions and use this website to host an intentional community in order to facilitate the true exchange of ideas and to encourage loving action. We believe life is a journey whose end is union with God and every day is given for this end. Conciliar Post functions as a place where those journeying toward God may humbly, faithfully, and dialogically reflect on important issues, bolster meaningful dialogue, and grow in our relationships with Christ. While sojourning we pray the words of Elder Sophrony: “Grant me to know thy truth before I depart this life. Maintain my life in this world until I may offer thee true repentance.


What Does Conciliar Mean?

Conciliar comes from the English word “council” (persons convened for deliberation) and Latin “consilium” (assembly, consultation). Historically, “conciliar” has been used in reference to the great ecumenical councils of the Christian tradition. In everyday language it designates a gathering of Christians for the purpose of serious reflection upon matters of theological importance. The name Conciliar Post designates this site as a place for serious and faithful dialogue about significant issues in our world.


What is the Mission of Conciliar Post?

We desire life (God) and growth in Christ through the Holy Spirit. We are on a journey from the bondage of sin and death to freedom in Christ. No single human being alive today is completely autonomous–we are all interconnected. Once we realize the kinship of humanity and the common goal of all people (union with God), we will start to see each other as persons instead of objects. When we see other the people around us as human beings, it will change how we treat them–and this will change the world. We believe that every human being is infinitely valuable and irreplaceable. Unfortunately, today’s society tends to see other people as objects and not human beings. Love is our standard and Conciliar Post seeks to affirm the inherent worth of all people. We believe that life is meant to be lived in love, equality, and communion that is only realized in Jesus Christ. All human persons are united in this common goal, although not everyone realizes this goal. When we truly understand that our battle is not against human beings, it will change the way we interact with one another. We are all fellow workers, fellow sojourners, striving to help each other along our way.


}Icon_Can You Explain Your Logo?

In traditional Christian art the color green signifies life, growth, freedom from bondage, and is often used to represent the Holy Spirit. The outer circle in our logo represents unity and equality, while the inner circle symbolizes what unites us. The overlapping “CP” forms a tree which stands for the body of Christ connected to Christ the true vine.


What Topics Do You Discuss?

One of the goals of Conciliar Post is to offer perspectives and reflections upon a wide variety of topics. Hence, you might see an article on the question of evil next to a post on The Inklings, or a discussion of abortion alongside a review of a current best seller. Broadly speaking, topics fit into five major categories: Theology & Spirituality; Politics & Current Affairs; Journeys of Faith; Life, Etc.; and Reviews.


Why Are You So Concerned with Current Events?

We believe that everything and everyone is God’s and that current societal issues can only be properly approached with a Christian view of the world. In a world where such issues are often approached from the same direction, we seek to offer a different perspective. Because of this, we are not just speaking to Christ-followers but to everyone — and we will not be writing articles on theology, but articles on current affairs from our understanding of the Christian worldview.


Who Writes for Conciliar Post?

The authors hail from a variety of Christian traditions and backgrounds. In order to write for Conciliar Post we ask that authors affirm the Apostles Creed and write in a thoughtful, loving manner. Postings on this site reflect the views of their authors, and do not purport to represent Conciliar Post’s institutional views, if any. Postings are categorized in accordance with authors’ understandings of their own faith traditions, but have not been formally approved by institutional representatives of those traditions unless otherwise specified.


How Do I Write for Conciliar Post?

If you’re interested in joining the Conciliar Post team, please email our editors by visiting the Contact Page.